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Birthday Call & MP3 from Captain Zoom

New Offer! MP3 + Phone Call from Captain Zoom

”Ring, ring.“ It's Captain Zoom! Surprise your child by talking to Captain Zoom himself for up to five minutes!

MP3 is included with birthday call. Simply select the name of your child and include a few details for Captain Zoom to place a call. Captain Zoom will call the number associated with your billing address upon check out on the time and date you specify.

• Please download and save the MP3 to your computer immediately after your order is processed.

Search Tips: To avoid scrolling, place the cursor in the drop-down list and type the first letter of the name. To order a product, select the name from the drop down list and add to cart. Check the phonetic pronunciation and different spelling options. For example, Anna can sound like “An-uh or Ah-nuh.”

Select Name from Drop-down List:

Please Include: Best date/time to call, name(s) of siblings, pets, child's favorite activities
Listen to a Sample Song

Can't find a name? Have a different spelling?
Try searching the entire list. The name you are looking for may be under a different spelling. For example, there are many different ways to spell Aubrey. It might be listed as Aubrey, Aubrie, Aubry, etc. You can modify the spelling of any of the names.

If you are still unable to find the person’s name, click to order a custom name for $12.00 extra. Please use our A-Z Name List as reference or contact us for assistance.

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