Take a moment to watch a fan video and read our customer stories. Whether the custom birthday gift is for your child, grandchild, or a special person in your life, their face will light up year after year when they hear Captain Zoom sing their name.

If you would like to tell us your birthday story or share your family tradition, please email us!

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Lauren and Craig dance to Captain Zoom's wedding song


"My grandmother used to play this for me every year for my birthday for over 30 years until she passed away. Whenever I hear this song, it brings me back to my childhood in a way that nothing ever could. Thank you"
-Robert A., Chicago, IL
"I just emailed my daughter her birthday song today. We lost the original tape from Hurricane Katrina flooding, I just happened to do a Google search for Captain Zoom. We bought the tape for her 1st birthday in 1987!
Michelle H., New Orleans, LA

“I just turned 25 this year and lo and behold, there was the call from Mom & Dad at the crack of dawn blasting, “This is Space Command to Zoom…” over the phone. It’s always my favorite thing about my birthday.”
- Lauren S., San Diego, CA

I’ll turn 39 this year and I’ve hummed this tune off and on for over 30+ of those years. Who knew a little gift my dad gave to me would have such a lasting effect.
- Marc S., Boston, MA

“I was born in 1978 and received my Captain Zoom record from my grandparents in 1983. I loved it so much; I really thought he was singing to me and only me. I recently purchased numerous CD’s for my nieces and nephews, figured I’d give them a little piece of history that will stay with them forever.”
- Robyn N., Philadelphia, PA

At my daughter’s 1st birthday party I played the MP3 of her birthday message. I remember how she smiled. For me it was the highlight of the party, except the messy cake.”
- Laurie P., Pikesville, MD

“When we were young, my neighbor bought the Captain Zoom song for my sister. We played it every birthday and sometimes would even use it on other people’s birthdays, just yelling their name over my sisters. Now we are all grown up, but my mother still calls my sister every year on her birthday and plays the CD for her. It’s such a great family memory.”
- Linda L., Chicago, IL

“My grandma gave me the tape when I was 4, I’m now 15. I listened to it every year on my birthday. It is the greatest song ever just because it has my name in it.”
- Myra P., Atlanta, GA

“It’s been 2 years, and my son still lights up every time Captain Zoom mentions his name!” 
- Lee M., New York, NY

“We can hardly ever find our grandson’s name personalized. Phoenix was beside himself with joy to have his own CD that sings to him. We appreciate the quick turnaround on customizing our grandson’s name.”
- Cynthia S., Montreal Canada

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